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ECPAC Newsletter – June 2022

June 2022

ECPAC Newsletter – June 2022

The Exchange Contractors Political Action Committee (ECPAC) needs your help and support – TodayCalifornia’s water supply operations are in dire condition due to drought, regulations, and court-imposed operational constraints.  The restrictions have resulted in 0% allocations for our neighboring and Sacramento Valley federal agricultural service contractors and deep cuts to the water supplies to Settlement Contractors who have senior water rights on the Sacramento River. Your water supplies through the Exchange Contract are at risk due to restrictions resulting in a significant shortfall in Delta-Mendota Canal (DMC) water supplies. For the third time in eight years, Reclamation has had to release water from Friant Reservoir to meet the terms of your contract.

California’s water rights and federal and state operations are under attack by environmental groups such as the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC). We need your help defending the Exchange Contract and our underlying water rights from these direct attacks.


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