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Our efforts focus on collaboration, education and influence. We are part of the policy discussion on water reliability, agriculture, property rights and business. The Exchange Contractors Political Action Committee is committed to working collaboratively to solve complex policy issues as well as regulatory mandates. Our supporters are diverse, representing interested parties from field to fork.


WATER – It’s our top priority

  • Water Quality: keeping our water and waterways clean and safe is important. By being good stewards of this most precious resource, water quality efforts that reduce salt intrusion, storm water run-off or urban influence are avoided, keeping the watershed healthy and our crops viable.
  • Water Reliability: without water, there is no food. Landowners, farmers and our communities depend on a reliable water supply each and every year. We work with local, state and federal officials to educate and inform them on the value of water, the value of agriculture and their importance.
  • Water Use Efficiency: making every drop count and accounting for every drop. Landowners and farmers invest in advanced technology, innovation and employ best practices to ensure water is used wisely and efficiently. Our famers and growers are producing the best crops in the world with less water than ever before.


Regulations should be reasonable, achievable and based on sound science. The regulatory process itself should be transparent and include public participation. We work diligently to provide a voice for our members with regulators, and weigh in throughout the regulatory process.



Property rights are at risk.  We diligently work to protect property rights and influence policy that jeopardizes our Constitutional rights. This effort benefits all Californians and extends far beyond our fields.